Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Start with Autism

Last week, I was privileged to be a part of autism seminars at a preschool and children's hospital. Below is a photo from a conference room at the preschool. To my right is Sophie, the children's director at our organization, Dr. Bin, the plastic surgeon who translated, and Dr. Tammy Johnson, the professor and autism expert visiting from Lee University. The information she provided was very helpful. See, I was taking notes :).

No matter the special occasion, it is Chinese culture to lavish guests with various fruits and pastries.

They also gave coffee, but I politely gave my cup to Paulette, who is sitting to my left. She is also with our organization. I did enjoy eating one of those bananas. Below is a photo of us with the preschool teachers who work with children affected by autism. They were very receptive of anything they could learn to improve their teaching.

At the children's hospital, the seminar involved numerous hospital staff, ranging from doctors to secretaries.

Afterward, we had a Q & A session with psychology staff members. They invited parents with their children affected by autism to join us. The hospital has been working with autistic needs for 16 years, but the staff and parents were hungry for effective tools to help the children. The kids were precious.

I wish we had time to visit other areas of the hospital, but we hope for more opportunities in the future. The staff shared that this hospital was recently completed last October. They emphasized that the ceiling has LED lights.


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  1. You are part of such good work, Kevin. I know this is weird, but I've never thought of autism outside of the USA. Shame on me.