Saturday, April 13, 2013

Training Day

After a year of planning and anticipation, today was the first day of our Heart to Heart English classes for children with special needs (though the students themselves won't arrive until next week).
Today was training day. I taught more than a dozen primary school English teachers from three different schools. Even for those teachers who teach children affected by disability, this was their first time to receive any such disability training.
It is quite amazing to see the technical resources available to this primary school. I could draw on the screen with a special pen.
I'm standing with the principal in front of the primary school. Thankfully, she was very pleased with the morning training.

I'm also working on a textbook for the Heart to Heart English classes. The two characters above will likely be on the cover of the booklet. Molly has enjoyed watching to see what new characters I will draw.
~ Kevin

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