Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two Weeks Past Due

Two weeks ago I had lunch with Mary Lynn, a sweet friend and former coworker. (Countless fantastic things came out of my tenure at the Wacoan, and meeting Mary Lynn is one I'll be thankful for my entire life.) We talked about the directions are lives are heading these days -- interesting how they are different, of course, but still connected in several ways -- and she suggested I start a blog. I set up a blog ages ago, I said, but I never post on it. After reading Facebook, Twitter and everyone else's blogs, I wind up with zero minutes left for journaling. Mary Lynn wasn't daunted. "Just go write, Dayna. Go home now and write a blog about lunch." I'll admit, I was inspired. (And that lunch was definitely blog-worthy!)

I drove home thinking of opening sentences and composing paragraphs. Then I stopped at a red light and remembered I only had an hour left before pick-up time at Mother's Day Out. Feeling the need to maximize every moment of child-free errand running, I made a Mardel detour to look at a few books. Half an hour later, I emerged with this year's Christmas stationery. (No, I've never bought that in October before but clearly it was an Important Errand. Priorities, y'all.) And not enough time to blog. Story of my life.

However, I'm resolved to change that story, to share what's going on with me and my family. There are some big things happening! I want to chronicle the journey so you'll stay in touch with us and so I won't forget the steps along the way. If there's one thing motherhood has irrevocably changed about my life, it's the ability to remember details unless they're written down. So I'm striving to blog every Thursday and hopefully on other days as well. Hold me accountable, Mary Lynn!