Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Gift Bags

What a privilege it is to give out gifts at Christmas! We partnered with three Chinese businesses and the US Consulate to provide gifts to 150 children affected by poverty and/or disabilities.
Shirley and Rui Rui joined the distribution of the first 60 bags. 
These children came from very poor families.
For the remaining 90 bags, families came to our office. All of these families are affected by disabilities.
Some families arrived as soon as our doors opened. Others came over the next three days.
At times, a large group of friends would come at once. In this photo, these mothers enjoyed seeing each other while picking up the bags for their children, who were at school.
Other times, only one mother and child would come to receive their bag, which was filled with clothes and/or school supplies.
Many of our friends from Family Retreats or day camps or picnics came. This mother still treasures the handwritten notes given to her during the 2010 Family Retreat.
This girl, Amber, traveled more than an hour to receive her gift in person. I have been friends with Amber for almost 4 years now. She attended my very first English class for kids with disabilities.
Some kids were too excited not to open their bags as soon as they received them.
The US Consulate donated toys for the kids as well.
Even the older ones were excited to take home their new friend.
~ Kevin

Friday, December 4, 2015

Talent Show 2015

Whether on stage or in the audience, this year's talent show was amazing. It was so full of joy and community. It was both theater and precious reunion. Thank you, Lord!
~ Kevin