Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Visiting Friends

It is not always possible to take photos during home visits, but the photos we have give great memories!
This is Steven, who often joins me to visit families. This photo was taken when seeing our friend Clyde. Because of Clyde's current bed-bound situation, we do not have a photo, but we captured a funny moment while the family pet, a black bird, flew around to greet us. (The bird is on Steven's shoulder). 
We met this 40-year-old man (on the right) while distributing wheelchairs last month. (See photo below.) Martin (on the far left) also translates for me.
We also met this gentlemen last month. During warmer months, he and his family live outside town on top of a low mountain. When they learned I enjoy the Chinese countryside, they were quick to welcome us.
Because of recent rains (and a particularly tricky stone wall), it was not possible to drive the last half mile. So we hiked.
The girl to the right of me (to my left), really wants to study in America because of the strength of the Deaf community. She is a great ballet dancer. This family attended last year's family retreat.

June 24 Day Camp

Although we had a few logistical challenges on June 24, the day camp was wonderful. 27 families affected by autism, Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities enjoyed various games and community. These families have become very great friends with us and with each other.
To the left is Emmanuel, who has recently started volunteering with us.
This final photo is actually from June 3, but it shows Helen, the one in the white shirt. Helen serves as emcee and translator for most of our Saturday activities.

Father's Day

I've now been a father for 10 years. It's really been great. Molly and Hudson add so much flavor to our family life! God has greatly blessed Dayna and me. 
Hudson and Molly served as ring bearer and flower girl for our friends' recent wedding. 
This selfie was taken on Father's Day.
Coming home from the kids' school.
Above is Christie who took care of the kids when Dayna and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.

Monday, June 12, 2017

20th Anniversary

Overflowing with joy for a weekend away with Kevin to celebrate 20 years of marriage! Our trip to the sea was filled with all of my favorite things and the perfect way to relax together. Beautiful memories!

Family Day Camp

On June 3, 29 families affected by autism joined our day camp. As one mother described the day, there was nothing amazing about the activities and performances themselves, but the love and acceptance of the  day was warmly embraced. 
~ Kevin