Monday, June 3, 2013

The End of a Beginning

The English classes in the primary school included 20 children. Roughly, half were disabled, and half were "typical" orphans. 
In this photo, a Chinese teacher is leading a drama activity relating to "What time is it?" The six-year-old boy was eager to participate, although his English is poor. I partnered with him so that he could join in. We both had a lot of fun.
Some of the children and teachers did not come on this day, but the photo gives a good representation of our class. The primary school is behind us.
These two guys to the right (to my left) were my favorites. The six-year-old boy (the one I was having to hold to prevent escape), was a lot of fun. He was eager and joyful. This was his first chance to attend any schooling. The eight-year-old boy next to him has a welcoming, sensitive heart. We hope to see them both soon as the English classes move to a new location for the summer.
The principal took Dayna and me and the kids out for lunch to celebrate the completion of our English class project. Molly and Hudson were more interested in watching Toy Story 2 than drumming their chopsticks on the table. That, of course, was our reason to offer the iPad entertainment. It was a great time -- a wonderful way to end a new beginning!