Saturday, June 21, 2014

Plowing New Ground

My co-workers and I had a great scouting trip with leaders from the local Red Cross about possibilities in 2015. We distributed 10 wheelchairs and 8 canes. They eagerly welcome any assistance we can bring. Emphatically, they said, “We need your help!” In addition, we were able to visit Kristi’s parents in her home village, which borders Inner Mongolia.
We met with leaders at the Red Cross Hospital.
Although the area is poor, we toured an impressive national museum.
Although not in the picture, our first wheelchair recipient had been injured in an accident.
This young man has crawled all of his life.
The grandmother was tearful the whole time we were present. The young man only wanted to keep trying out his new wheelchair.
Train rides offer great chances to have meaningful conversations.
I'm standing with Kristi's parents in their village home.
Dion is always a great help and encouragement on such trips.
We got to get close and personal with the donkeys.
We walked around the village, planting our own seeds.
The two stoves are fueled by corn husks and cobs.
The family stir-fries everything in two large woks.
The family presented us with a feast.
Kristi was happy to meet one of her youngest new cousins.

~ Kevin