Sunday, October 30, 2016

Building Community

Through day camps, home visits and interaction with the disability community this fall, we continue to build friendships, offering hope and love.

Molly Hudson Time!

Jianping Day Camp

Primarily, we were in Jianping to offer a medical clinic, but during free time, we enjoyed county sights, offered a day camp and distributed wheelchairs.

End of Summer Day Camps

Things have been quite busy these months. Tomorrow is November 1, but I'm just now posting some day camp photos from the end of the summer. We offer two to three activities a month for families affected by intellectual or physical disabilities. Most often, we focus on children and their parents, but we also offer activities for adults with disabilities. No matter the age group or disability, these activities build community through friendship and support. It is quite an honor to walk alongside these families.
~ Kevin