Monday, January 7, 2013

"Rising Above" Talent Show

This year’s 2012 “Rising Above” Talent Show was astounding.
Piano keys danced under the fingers of concert pianists.
A beautiful harpist lifted us up with classical Chinese music.

Several sang with powerful brilliance.
There was even a flair of martial arts.

We wish we could have invited thousands to attend our “Rising Above” talent show. As it was, only a hundred could attend, but we are thankful our provincial TV station sent a crew to share the performances with the surrounding area – an area of 44 million people.

We pray that this television coverage will bless and increase awareness, allowing people to see that these children are so special … and to see that disabilities like blindness or autism or mental impairment do not define a person.
My main role was to give the opening speech.
I also took part in awarding participants with medals.  Everyone got a gold medal with the "Rising Above" emblem.
This photo was actually taken a day before the talent show. I only wear ties on special occasions. On this day, I visited leaders at different hospitals we hope to partner with in 2013. The purpose of this photo was to make sure the camera was working well before the talent show. Too bad I had just loosened my tie moments before the photo was taken.

All in all, it was a great night! We look forward to next year's talent show. In fact, if we can find a venue with a high enough ceiling, there is a team of acrobats who can join the show.

Happy New Year!
~ Kevin